Google Educator - the waiting game

Just submitted my application to become a Google Educator. I have learnt some good things in the process.

I am not very pleasantly surprised by how much I have actually done. I passed all 5 tests first time and with reasonable scores (1 exception - I scraped through because I didn't allow myself enough time and I had to rush or miss my next appointment)

In the process of preparing, I learnt about more functionality within the Google Apps Suite. Some highlights:

  • Inserting charts you can make them dynamic so they update if your source data changes
  • Much more au fait with labels in GMail and I use them much more now
  • I never knew you could have a dual screen where you run a presentation on one screen and have your notes on the other - that is really neat!
  • For my video, I imported data into a map and again, the Google Maps is brill. Even the Maps Engine Lite is great, although C-Learning are probably going to go to the Pro version so that we can get more data on a single map. If you have data that geographical elements (customers, venues, students, or anything), then you will be really pleased to be able to view them all on a single map.
You have to identify three referees for the application and I want to say a big thank you to mine who agreed to be my referee without hesitation.

I am simply waiting now. I would recommend the process because the focus of preparing for the exams really is a learning  process. I am constantly amazed at the functionality within Google Apps and it is growing all the time. So, have a go. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the process.

I'll let you know how I get on. I should hear by mid June.


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