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Amazon Echo or Google Home?

We have both. Our household is slowly getting used to the presence of two machine learning devices. What do they offer? Both are excellent devices. The family make extensive use of music services almost all of the time they are in the room with the device and we have heard music as diverse as Monteverdi, Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn and the British Grime scene. ( My son will be disgusted I can't remember any Grime artists).  We have occasional times when we explore how much it actually knows and can respond to. Recent questions include: How many seconds are there in 55 years? Turns out I am 1,734,480,000 seconds old! Will you marry me? What is the weather like? What is this piece of music? When was (insert an historical event)? T he Google Home arrived first. It was really simple to set up and I am really pleased with the sound quality of such a small device. We would have stopped there except during the family holiday to Crete in August 2017, my Mother-i