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Google Play for Education

As we begin the Google Play for Education Pilot, I thought I would take a moment to draw your attention to some of the resources available to you in . If you are not part of the pilot, not to worry because these same resources are available in the ordinary Play Store.

Plug and Play

I have just removed the very old, very slow PC from my desktop. I have replaced it with the Chromebox I talked about in my last bloq. I was using my Chromebox on borrowed kit. The mouse and keyboard were my son's from the PC we built together for his Christmas present. He was keen to build one for himself and I thought it would be a good experience.

Google Educator - the waiting game

Just submitted my application to become a Google Educator. I have learnt some good things in the process.

I will eventually get to the point

I love my Chromebooks. I have extensive experience of the Samsung 500 series and I still hold a candle up for them. I know they are old now but my school has a set and they are robust, light enough for any student to safely carry,  last the whole school day, are on and ready to use in 9 seconds and the students love them - no! They adore them.